US Intelligence Agencies Claim that Russia Attempted To Undermine Democrats During 2022 Midterms

According to the United States intelligence community, the Russian government and several of its proxies tried to undermine the Democratic Party and demoralize voters ahead of the midterm elections in 2022. Intelligence experts argued that this was an operation most likely designed to weaken American support for Ukraine.

On top of that, the intelligence community alleged that China tacitly supported efforts to try to influence several races in that election cycle. However, the intelligence sources conceded that China did not favor one party over the other.

Though intelligence sources argue that China demonstrated a greater willingness to engage in election interference.

Iran was also blamed for attempting to weaken voter faith in the US’s democratic process.

These allegations are just the latest claims being put forward by the intelligence community about the threat of foreign election interference. similar allegations were made in 2016 about Russia interfering in the presidential election to get former President Donald Trump in office 

China, Iran, and Russia have denied on multiple occasions of having meddling in US electoral politics. 

Intelligence sources cited a report, which was written in December 2022 and was subsequently redacted to a large degree, that was declassified on December 18, 2023.  

A report by the Wall Street concedes that the report “contains few specifics about the influence attempts conducted leading up to the 2022 midterms, but what is generally described appears to be unsophisticated, scattered and unlikely to have been meaningfully effective. “

The WSJ expanded on the tactics allegedly used by external actors to interfere in elections:

Tactics included covert use of social-media accounts and proxy websites, payments to online influencers, and enlistment of public relations firms, with a frequent focus on amplifying existing narratives within the U.S., it said.

“We did not observe a directive from any foreign leader to undertake a comprehensive, whole-of-government influence campaign, something not seen since 2016,” the report said. 

“While Russian officials most likely recognized that U.S. support for Ukraine was largely bipartisan, Russian influence actors disproportionately targeted the Democratic Party, probably because Moscow blames the U.S. president for forging a unified Western alliance and for Kyiv’s continued pro-Western trajectory,” the report added.

The report claims that Russian military officials postponed withdrawing from the Ukrainian city of Kherson until after the conclusion of the midterms in order to prevent Democrats from gaining a perceived victory prior to the 2022 midterm election. Russia subsequently announced its move to withdraw from the city a day after the midterm election. 

On top of that, the report claimed that Chinese government cyber actors “scanned more than 100 U.S. state and national political party domains,” an activity security experts have compared to driving around a neighborhood to determine whether certain houses may be potential targets for break-ins.

Iran allegedly worked to exploit “perceived social divisions and undermine confidence in U.S. democratic institutions” during the 2022 midterms, the intelligence report stated. However, the report contended that Iran’s efforts appeared to be limited in scope because of how the Iranian government has had to deal with growing unrest inside the country and how it views the US midterm elections not as relevant for its national security interests. 

Furthermore, the report noted that Iran has experienced resource limitations stemming from its “separate overseas election influence operations,” which likely included influence operations against Albania, Bahrain and Israel.

The US national security state is using every excuse possible to justify massive power grabs against the American people, while also looking for never avenues to get into geopolitical squabbles with its perceived enemies. 

Patriotic US citizens should do everything possible to ignore and ultimately undermine the national security state if they’re serious about bringing about political change to the US.

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