US is Considering the Release of Intelligence Showing China’s Alleged Military Aid Transfer to Russia

The Biden regime is considering the release of intelligence it believes demonstrates China’s willingness to send weapons to Russia. This military aid is speculated to be used for Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine, per US sources. 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken apparently had a confrontation with Wang Yi, a senior Chinese diplomat in the lead up to the UN Security Council that took place on February 24, 2023. Blinken issued a public warning and then went to the American press where he made allegations that China was seriously considering sending weapons to Russia. 

Over the last few weeks, Western intelligence agencies have picked up on Chinese movements to potentially send aid to Russia. Since Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine, China has done a tightrope walk with regards to the type of transactions it has conducted with it, limiting itself to financial assistance and oil purchases. However, the game has changed lately with China fearing that Russia’s collapse in Ukraine could put it next in Washington’s crosshairs . 

“Until now,” a senior Western official stated, there “has been a certain amount of ambiguity about what practical help China might give Russia.” The official claimed that the intelligence the US and its allies currently possess is “much less ambiguous.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin initially scoffed at the suggestion that China was providing Russia with military aid. “It is a known fact that NATO countries including the U.S. are the biggest source of weaponry for the battlefield in Ukraine, yet they keep claiming that China may be supplying weapons to Russia,” declared Wang.

The weapons that China is speculated to provide Russia with include artillery and drones.  As a report by the Wall Street Journal noted, “China is a world leader in the production of weapons that have been used heavily in the Ukraine war, including long-range artillery systems, precision multiple rocket launchers, antitank and surface-to-surface missiles and small, tactical drones and loitering munitions.”

In sum, China has plenty of military heft to go around. If China were to send Russia military aid, it would be the latest step towards consolidating a new Eurasian alliance to challenge Western hegemony. Not only would ensure Russia victory on the Ukrainian battlefield, it would solidify Russia’s alliance with China and provide an effective balancing bloc against Western overreach in Eurasian affairs. 

We are perhaps on the cusp of a geopolitical transformation that most international relations scholars could have never predicted 30+ years ago when the Soviet Union dissolved.

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