US Officials Admit that Ukraine’s Forces and Firepower are Being Misused Against Russia

With more and more public officials beginning to admit that Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive against Russia in eastern Ukraine has sputtered, even the New York Times is beginning to publish information detailing the frustration with this military maneuver. 

The principal goal of Ukraine’s counteroffensive is to cut off Russia supply lines in southern Ukraine by completely detaching the land bridge between Russia and the Crimean Peninsula. 

However, this lofty offensive has fizzled out because Ukraine has too many troops, which includes some of its best military units, in the wrong areas, according to American and other officials in the Collective West. 

In a report by the NYT titled “Ukraine’s Forces and Firepower Are Misallocated, U.S. Officials Say”, US officials claimed that Ukrainian commanders have split their troops and firepower roughly equally between the eastern and southern part of the country. 

Only a change in Ukraine’s tactics and a significant move can change the overall tempo of the counteroffensive, per a US official who remained anonymous. 

Another American official claimed that the Ukrainians were too dispersed and needed to consolidate their power in one location.

After three months into the counteroffensive, the Ukrainians appear to be slowly taking this advice, especially at a time when Ukrainian losses continue increasing and Russia maintains a decisive advantage in terms of troops and equipment.

American officials claim that the Ukrainians have started to shift some of their more veteran combat forces from the east to the south. However, some of the more battle-hardened units have been reconstituted multiple times after incurring heavy casualties. 

In addition, these units depend on a shrinking group of senior commanders. Several platoons are predominantly staffed by troops who have been wounded and got back to the battlefield. 

While speaking to reporters on a flight to Rome on August 20, 2023 General Mark Milley declared that the past two months of the counteroffensive have been “long, bloody and slow.”

“It’s taken longer than Ukraine had planned,” he s stated. “But they are making limited progress.”

Indeed, it’s dawning on Western officials that Ukraine is not winning the war against Russia anytime soon, if ever.

The simple fact of the matter is that Russia enjoys massive advantages in terms of manpower, firepower, and technology over Ukraine. No amount of military aid to Ukraine will change this cold, hard, unbearable truth. The more the US and its satrapies in NATO continue arming Ukraine, the more likely that Ukrainian state will collapse and thereby leading to an unnecessary loss of Ukrainian lives. 

It’s going to take America First nationalists deposing the current foreign policy elite to see any meaningful

changes in foreign policy.  

The fanatics currently in charge of US foreign policy simply can’t be convinced of the error of their ways.  

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