US State Department Condemns Civilian Killings After the Suspected of Darya Dugina 

On August 20, Darya Dugina, the daughter of geopolitical theorist Alexander Dugin, was killed in what appeared to be an assassination plot. Many have speculated that external actors — a combination of the Western national security establishment and Ukrainian intelligence — carried out this hit.

The father is an outspoken opponent of the West and has been very hawkish regarding the question of Ukraine to the point that he makes Vladimir Putin look centrist on the issue. Dugin was actually fired from his position at Moscow State University in 2014 for making inflammatory comments that called for further escalation against Ukraine in the aftermath of the Euromaidan Revolution. 

Nevertheless, on August 22, the US State Department condemned the killing of Dugina. State Department Spokesman Ned Price issued a statement reflecting the US government’s condemnation of the killing:

We unequivocally condemn the targeting of civilians. We condemn the targeting of civilians whether that’s in Kiev, whether that’s in Bucha, whether that’s in Kharkov, whether that’s in Kramatorsk, whether that’s in Mariupol, or whether that’s in Moscow, that principle applies around the world. I have no doubt that the Russians will investigate this. I also have no doubt that the Russians will put forward certain conclusions. All I can say from here is that Ukraine has denied any involvement. And for our part, we condemn intentional targeting of civilians anywhere.

Curiously, the US looked to take shots at Russia by referencing the cities of Kiev, Bucha, Kharkov, Kramatorsk, and Mariupol — all which have involved controversial Russia military operations so far in Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine. 

Whether or not the West signed off on the assassination of Dugina is still up for speculation. However, this attack could be a sign for things to come in the near future. Ukraine is clearly losing its war against Russia, which has prompted it to pull off pinprick attacks, acts of sabotage, and terroristic attacks to make Russia sweat.

Once Ukraine’s conventional military forces are decimated, it’s likely that Western elites, a consortium of intelligence services, and some Ukrainian oligarchs will try to fund terror cells and irregular armed actors to prosecute a long-lasting “dirty war” against Russia when the smoke clears from the present military conflict. Such an irregular conflict would be much cheaper to finance and there would be more avenues for Western elites to maintain plausible deniability when it comes to their involvement in this affair. 

The Collective West simply can’t let go of the fact that their proxy force in Ukraine has lost and that Russia will now have a major say in world affairs.

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