US Will Begin Training Ukrainian Pilots to Use F-16s

According to an announcement by the Defense Department on August 24, 2023, the United States government will start training Ukrainian fighter jet pilots in Arizona. The pilots are expected to begin training at the Morris Air National Guard Base in Tucson in October. Before starting their fighter jet training, these Ukrainian pilots must complete English language education in September at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. “The United States will soon begin training Ukrainians to fly and maintain F-16 fighter aircraft in support of the international effort to develop and strengthen Ukraine’s long-term defenses,” Pentagon press secretary Patrick Ryder stated. 

Ryder revealed the US government still hasn’t provided a specific number for how many pilots would go through this training but said the Defense Department expects the training would have several pilots and dozens of crew members to carry out advanced fighter jet maintenance. The Ukrainian government will choose the pilots who participate in this program. 

Ryder noted that the F-16 deployment to Ukraine was designed to support Ukraine’s long-term defense as opposed to the current counteroffensive, which has largely been floundering.

On August 24, 2023, US president Joe Biden spoke to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, which the White House subsequently confirmed. The White House said the president “reiterated the US commitment to support Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression for as long as it takes,” and noted that the two leaders talked about plans for Ukrainian pilots to receive F-16 training. 

This is just another move by the Biden regime to escalate tensions with Russia in Ukraine. Despite the corporate media hype, sending F-16s to Ukraine will not change the outcome of this war. Russia enjoys massive escalatory dominance in this theater. 

In turn, the further deployment of military aid will just lead to Russia taking more escalatory action that will result in the absolute destruction of the Ukrainian state. To genuinely achieve peace in Ukraine and prevent a complete natural disaster from occurring, military aid must stop and peace negotiations must subsequently be brokered.

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