USA Swimming Official Quits Over Male Swimmer Lia Thomas: ‘I Can’t Support This’

A USA Swimming official resigned in protest of male swimmer Lia Thomas, saying she can’t back a sport that allows “biological men” to compete alongside women.

Cynthia Millen had officiated USA Swimming meets for three decades, New York Post reported. She stepped down ahead of last week’s U.S. Paralympics Swimming National Championships in Greensboro, N.C.

“I can’t do this,” Millen wrote in her resignation letter, which the Washington Examiner reported. “I can’t support this.”

Big League Politics has covered the story of male swimmer Lia Thomas’ adventures on the woman’s swimming team in the past. The swimmer, who is a man, previously was alleged to have bragged about beating female swim opponents, saying it was “so easy I was cruising.”

Thomas, despite playing in a women’s sport, is a man who sports X and Y chromosomes; the college athlete reportedly denies this fact and consequently identifies himself as a woman.

“They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose,” the source said about the female swimmers.

“Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got,” she said, adding, “Now they’re having to go behind the blocks knowing no matter what, they do not have the chance to win. I think that it’s really getting to everyone.”

The source was alluding to the physical condition of “Lia” Thomas as compared to the whole team – the collegiate athlete is a man after all, and likely has already endured the traditional process of a male going through puberty…

Male U. Penn Swimmer Allegedly Bragged About Beating Female Opponents: ‘So Easy’
Cynthia Millen resigned her post as a USA swim official after Lia Thomas, a trans swimmer was allowed to compete with biological females in the upcoming US Paralympics Swimming National Championships. (Photo taken from NY Post)

“I told my fellow officials that I can no longer participate in a sport that allows biological men to compete against women,” Millen’s letter continued. “Everything fair about swimming is being destroyed.”

Millen indicated that she would not allow Thomas to compete if she were officiating a meet and called on her now-former colleagues to do the same.

“This is not right because by doing this, we’re supporting this,” Millen wrote. “There are no swim meets if there are no officials.”

Thomas, the male swimmer who is competing against women, reportedly said he will not engage with the backlash he has received for his choice to participate in a women’s sport.

“I just don’t engage with it,” Thomas said earlier this month of the widespread backlash regarding her performance. “It’s not healthy for me to read it and engage with it at all, and so I don’t, and that’s all I’ll say on that.”

Millen also said that Thomas’ times in the water are rapidly approaching records set by all-time Olympic female swimmer champions like Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin.

“Bodies swim against bodies,” Millen said. “Gender identities don’t swim.”

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