USA Today Columnist: Kavanaugh Should Stay Off Basketball Courts ‘When Kids Are Around’

7/9/12 3:42:04 PM — McLean, VA, U.S.A — Staff Portraits — Erik Brady Photo by Jack Gruber, USA TODAY staff ORG XMIT: JG 42035 Staff Portraits 7/9/2012 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

USA Today columnist suggested that Judge Brett Kavanaugh should no longer coach girls basketball, as he may be a threat to the children.

“The U.S. Senate may yet confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around,” said Erik Brady.

Unprovable, suspiciously-timed allegations that teenaged Kavanaugh groped Christine Blasey Ford 36 years ago have now snowballed into accusations by activist writers that Kavanaugh might be a dangerous child predator. Just when you think the left cannot go lower, they manage to sink to never-before-seen depths of indecency.

“The nation is newly vigilant on who coaches and trains its children given recent scandals in gymnastics and other sports,” Brady said.

Brady literally compared Kavanaugh to Larry Nassar, former U.S. gymnastics doctor, who has been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for proven crimes ranging from child pornography to molestation to sexual assault of minors.

It’s a leap only a mainstream press smear merchant could possibly make, let alone have published in a well-known publication.

The rest of Brady’s article focused on bashing the Catholic Youth Organization, which apparently confirmed that Kavanaugh would still be able to coach if he so pleased.

“Turns out, though, Kavanaugh is free to continue coaching in the Catholic Youth Organization and his daughters’ private school in Washington, according to Edward McFadden, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Washington,” the piece said. “He said a coach accused of sexual misconduct would have to go through the full legal process and be convicted before being banned.”

“McFadden told USA TODAY Sports’ A.J. Perez on Friday that ‘adult volunteers with extensive contact with children’ go through fingerprinting, criminal background checks and training under what is called the VIRTUS program,” Brady continued.

Of course, Kavanaugh has already passed six FBI background checks, far more invasive than the typical criminal background check for say, a job or recreational coaching position. Brady conveniently left that part out of his piece.

No wonder these fools are called the “enemy of the American people.” They have earned the title.


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