Utah Legislator Moves To Censure Mitt Romney for Impeachment Vote

A Utah state representative is preparing legislation to censure Mitt Romney for his recent vote to impeach the President of the United States. Rep. Phil Lyman of Blanding is sponsoring the legislation.

He doesn’t want Utah’s relationship with the President to be damaged by Romney’s partisan Democrat loyalties.

The speaker of the Utah House, Brad Wilson, is also bringing up another resolution to emphasize the state’s support of the President, making it entirely clear the Utah House’s Republican caucus wholly rejects Romney’s turncoat impeachment push.

Utah’s Republican legislators appear to entirely reject Romney’s endorsement of the President’s impeachment. Romney’s relationship with Trump has been colored with personal feuds for years, a conflict that casts doubt on the judgement of the Never Trump senator’s impeachment vote.

Mitt Romney ignored the will of an overwhelming majority of his own constituents when he voted to remove Donald Trump from office for temporarily withholding foreign aid to Ukraine. Now, it appears that he’s poised to face pushback for his alignment with liberal Democrats.

Romney flew from Washington to Utah late Wednesday night, setting up a PR tour to recoup his standing with conservative Utah leaders and state legislators. It appears his efforts are far from enough in deterring the anger from Utahns who expected better than aiding a Democratic impeachment hoax from their nominally Republican senator.

In a twist, it seems as if a mere censure is possibly the least of the consequences that Romney is set to face from the people of Utah for his betrayal of the Republican Party. A de facto movement to recall Romney from office is gaining steam, with another state legislator spearheading a law that would create a new process for the state’s citizens to set up a recall election to remove their sitting U.S Senators.




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