Venezuelan National Assembly Condemns Former National Security Advisor John Bolton for His Recent Coup Comments 

On July 14, 2022, the Venezuelan National Assembly unanimously voted to condemn former National Security Adviser John Bolton for comments he made earlier this week where he openly revealed his involvement in organizing coups. 

Venezuela was one the countries that Bolton previously targeted for regime change.

National Assembly president Jorge Rodriguez  said “Venezuela … will never surrender.”

According to a Press TV report, Rodriguez criticized the coup attempt and the Venezuelan opposition’s decision to go along with it. 

What provoked this response from the Venezuelan National Assembly was Bolton’s interview with CNN that took place on July 13 where he said that he “helped plan coups d’etat — not here, but, you know, other places.” Bolton’s statements hinted at his direct involvement in coups such as the failed coup project that took place in Venezuela back in 2019. 

“As somebody who has helped plan coup d’états, not here, but, you know, other places, it takes a lot of work,” Bolton proclaimed.

Rodriguez called Bolton’s candid statement “an extraordinary feat of brazenness”.

“What was in the mind of this crazy John Bolton was that the violence would accelerate so that they could have an excuse for the invasion… a military invasion in Venezuela,” Rodriguez added. He called Bolton a “psychopath”.

“We can never tire of thanking the dignified people and Venezuelan Armed Forces that repelled the most serious attack the republic has suffered in 150 years,” declared Rodriguez.

Diosdado Cabello, a member of the Venezuelan National Assembly, responded to Bolton’s comment about coups in other countries. He described Bolton as “an inept [individual] who, for all the money [former President] Donald Trump gave him, could not perform the order he received.”

The US Deep State has a long track record of launching successful coups against countries. In the Venezuelan case of 2019, when National Assembly leader Juan Guaido attempted to oust Nicolás Maduro by calling on the military to support him, the US was unable to affect regime change in Venezuela. 

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