VERITAS: O’Keefe Busts Pinterest for Censoring Pro-Life Group

Project Veritas and founder James O’Keefe were back at it Tuesday, exposing social network Pinterest for censoring Live Action, a prominent pro-life organization.

“Leaked Pinterest ‘Sensitive Terms List’ includes ‘bible verses’ and ‘christian easter,’ Inside explains search term ‘christian’ won’t auto-complete, others can’t trend, no notifications, or recommendations,” Project Veritas said on Twitter, attaching a video.

According to Project Veritas, the documents they obtained were handed over by a “Pinterest insider.”

The social network reportedly classified Live Action as “pornography,” which is banned from the platform, in order to censor their content:

In response to the report, Pinterest then banned Live Action outrightly, only to re-instate the group’s page later. However, it is still classified as “pornography.”

Further documents published by Project Veritas show an employee calling right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro a “white supremacist,” and putting listing Candace Owens alongside him as “ones to watch for content.”

“Ben Shapiro is a white supremacist who has regularly spewed anti muslim hate and he and candace owens and few others may be ones to watch content for over the next few days,” a post from an internal Slack chat said.

“I reported all the top instances of his “Myth of the tiny radical muslim” video from youtube that a number of journalists have been calling out,” the post continued. “There will no doubt be people searching for his content across platforms. I’ll start putting together a list of things like this video of his that may be worth creating an advisor for (though not blocking results).

It appears that another social network is taking cues from the leftist activists masquerading as journalists in the mainstream press.

Last week, Vox “reporter” Carlos Maza lobbied YouTube to ban right-wing pundit Steven Crowder because Maza was offended that Crowder was making fun of him. The week-long effort resulted in the demonetization of Crowder’s channel for a short period of time.

Sunday, Facebook banned Natural News after The Daily Beast wrote a hit piece on the website, comparing it to also-banned InfoWars and claiming that the site was spreading conspiracy theories.

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