VETO TIME: President Trump Has To Do Everything Himself Because Washington Is Broken

President Donald Trump is expected to veto the bill passed by the U.S. Senate trying to block his national emergency to build the Wall.

Obviously, the entire political system in Washington is hopelessly corrupt and Congress just does whatever the donor class tells them to do. The donor class doesn’t want a Wall because they want a One World Government where no countries are really sovereign, and they enjoy the criminal economy that the drug and human trafficking trade generates.

The media will spin this as a loss for Trump, but it’s all empty punditry. While they are counting scores, people are dying in this country due to the scourge of globalist invasion.

President Trump must veto the bill, and then it will be up to Congress — including Mitch McConnell and aspiring speaker Kevin McCarthy — to make a decision about whether or not to secure the country or get a full 2/3 of their members to override Trump’s veto and keep the border open for cartel convenience.


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