VIDEO: ANTIFA Terrorists Caught Throwing Concrete Yet Again at Protesters During Weekend Rampage in Portland

Antifa Threatens Free Speech Rally Acid

The domestic terrorists of ANTIFA once again laid waste to the city of Portland this past weekend, as they committed extremist violence in an attempt to stop a lawful march from a group of patriotic Americans on Saturday.

One video shows that ANTIFA terrorists were breaking up concrete blocks to throw at buses filled with right-wingers:

At a previous display in Portland from June, ANTIFA terrorists threw milkshakes likely containing quick-dry concrete at journalist Andy Ngo. He suffered a brain bleed as a result of the vicious attack.

Other instances of terrorist violence, including an ANTIFA activist attacking patriots with a hammer and racist threats being lobbed at police, were caught on video and posted on Twitter from Saturday:

Despite countless instances of violence being caught on video, the leftist Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler took to Twitter to laud the peaceable nature of his ANTIFA partners while applauding law enforcement who largely stood down and let the terrorist violence happen.

Police can be seen here tucking and running from the domestic terrorists who taunt them every step of the way, in a glimpse into what a Marxist-dominated America will look like:

It has come time for President Donald Trump to declare ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group.

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