VIDEO: BLP’s Sonny Joy Nelson Rips The Left’s #RiseUpForRoe & #StopKavanaugh Campaigns

The disgusting #RiseUpForRoe movement is swiftly making its way throughout the country as they endorse the “right to safe, assessable and legal abortions”. The movement leaders, including none other than Chelsea Clinton, have gone on tour whining about their “Constitutional right” to abortion. While I’m sure these pro-death advocates were star scholars, they might want to do some research on Constitutional law before hopping up on stage asserting that death is a basic right.

The tour explicitly claims that the right to safe and legal abortions is a right guaranteed to women by the Constitution. The tour provides many sob stories of women who have died gruesome deaths from times when abortion was not legal. These “badass ladies” are deeply saddened with the thought of abortion being unsafe. Yet, they are not very concerned with how “unsafe” it is for the baby in the womb.

Their second agenda – #StopKavanaugh – provides another avenue to trash talk President Trump and his pro-life affiliates. The ideology behind “stopping” Justice-elect Brett Kavanaugh rests on the idea that this pro-life Justice is going to take away women’s “reproductive rights”. While they’re definitely increasing popularity in the Twitter world with excessive use of the hashtag #StopKavanaugh – that’s about it… It’s all but confirmed that Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court Justice. At least the catchy hashtag gives them something to Tweet about.

While the Planned Parenthood and NARAL backed #RiseUpForRoe movement is truly concerned with giving women all their choices and options, those options really only include abortion. Interestingly, choosing life never seems to be an option worth pursing. Wonder why? One would think that if the pro-choice side really did care for women, they would also encourage the CHOICE of life- oh, but wait.

Choosing life = no money in their pockets.

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