VIDEO: Civil Rights Icon Clarence Henderson: ‘I Was Elated When President Trump Was Elected’

On August 28, 1963 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr gave his famous “I Have a Dream Speech.”

For people who study and analyze speeches, I Have A Dream is one of the all time greatest ever given. The ability that Dr. King had to move people to action with his words was incredible. He ranks as one of the all time greatest orators in the world.

But how many people understood the passion of his heart and the motivation for the words he spoke? How many people understand his movement today? What did he want for the black people he represented in 1960? It seems as if the media never asks those questions. There don’t seem to be many stories of what took Dr. King to Washington DC on that day in August in 1963 in the first place.

However there does remain a very high- profile remnant of the Civil Rights movement alive today and still active. He is still dreaming. Mr. Clarence Henderson was a prominent leader of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. He is responsible for the Lunch Counter Sit In, in Greensboro North Carolina.

Mr. Henderson is still speaking and organizing on behalf of the same black community he has always loved, and here in this exclusive Big League Politics video, he again is organizing from his seat in the North Carolina Republican Party to bring awareness to government leaders that his community still needs jobs. He still believes that employment is the freedom that the black community needs.

“The Government does not give us rights, they are supposed to protect our rights, but not by riots. We have to do it thru the power of the Republic. There is no Democracy in the Constitution. It is the job of the people to defend our Construction and our Rights. We are in a Free Enterprise-Capitalist system. That is why I was elated when President Trump was elected. We have had too many Government leaders push socialism on us and we need Jobs for Freedom,” Henderson says.


The March on Washington was about the right to work and be free. Mr. Clarence Henderson is keeping that dream alive in own speeches, and that is to see people understand that America is great and that Black Americans are the natural freedom fighters , steeped in founding principles, and busy at work . “Riots are not acceptable” he says.

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