VIDEO: Greek Islanders Burn Down UN Migrant Reception Center

Citizens of the Greek Island of Lesbos burned down a United Nations migrant reception center on their island Sunday amidst a wave of illegal immigrants arriving from Turkey.

Lesbos is located in the Aegean Sea, just miles away from the territory of Turkey. The island has been besieged by arrivals of migrant boats, filled with Middle Eastern refugees seeking to seek asylum in the European Union.

Video of the event showed a UN facility aflame.

Reports on the incident reveal that the migrant facility was empty and no one was injured in its destruction by the locals. It’s possible that the Greek islanders hoped to avoid the UN from using the facility to house even more migrants from Turkey, as the large populations of those hoping to seek asylum in Europe have proven detrimental to quality of life and public resources on the island.

Residents of the island are also staging large-scale protests against the mass arrival of dubious ‘refugees.’ The island’s daily life has been radically altered by intermittent arrival of Middle Eastern refugees on dinghies for years.

New inflows of migrants have been unleashed by Turkey in recent days, with the nation’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hoping to punish European nations for their reaction to his country’s military intervention in Turkey.

Migrants are massing on the nation’s continental European border with Greece. They had previously been prevented from traveling to Turkey’s European territory under an agreement between Turkey and the EU, which provided funding for Turkey to house the migrants and so-called refugees in return for halting their movement.

The Greek Army has been deployed along with local police in preparation for attempts by migrants to cross the border en masse.

Should the situation grow in magnitude, we could soon be witnessing a repeat of the destabilizing and chaotic movements of people into Europe seen in 2015. Such a development would represent a failure of European governments to deliver the basic border security and national sovereignty demanded by their citizens, who began to vote for populist political movements shortly after the massive migrant arrivals of 2015.

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