VIDEO: ‘Gun Girl’ Says Police Are Searching For Democrat Fanboys Who Assaulted Her At Buttigieg Rally

Police Assault Buttigieg Rally

Kaitlin Bennett, the Infowars video producer who was recently attacked while providing news coverage at a rally for Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, says she has filed a police report against the suspects and police are currently searching for them.

While filming at the Buttigieg event on June 9, two men approached Bennett and her camera man and proceeded to repeatedly make obscene gestures toward her and the camera. On video, the men are seen approaching Bennett from behind and repeatedly waving their middle fingers toward her.

Bennett asked the older man, “Do you usually treat women like that?” He responded by suggesting that Bennett is “sticking that [camera] in my face.”

After approaching Bennett, the man then repeatedly warned her “not to get any closer” to him, then approached the camera man and told him to “get that sh*t out of my face, f**k face.”

At this point, a younger man can be seen approaching Bennett from behind, and appears to touch her other camera man, forcing him to drop his equipment, prompting him to yell, “That’s assault!”

The younger man then appears to throw a water bottle at the camera man as the older man invited Bennett to call the police.

At this point an African American man approaches the duo and tells them to “walk it off”, finally prompting them to leave the area. Bennett went on to say she had filed a police report about the incident.

On June 11, she followed up in another Tweet, informing her followers that the suspects are “Ethan Buhrow and his father Mike.” According to Bennett, “Police are currently seeking arrest warrants against them.”

She also posted several photos of the younger suspect, Buhrow, with prominent Democrats Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

In her original video and her tweet posted today, Bennett repeatedly called for Buttigieg and the Democrats photographed with Buhrow to disavow the violent actions allegedly taken by their supporters.

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