VIDEO: Howard Stern Admits Racist Sexual Fetish: ‘I Have Often Fantasized about What It Would Be Like to Be a Slave Master’

An old video has been unearthed of radio host Howard Stern admitting to having a racist sexual fetish in which he pretends to be a slave master while engaging in relations with a black female.

In the clip from the 1990s, Stern is interviewing film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. After he learns that Ebert is dating a black woman, that is when Stern started making his foul and bigoted remarks.

Stern first said that interracial romances were the “most taboo kind of love” before continuing his disgusting, racist comments.

“Why do you feed this kind of stuff? You know you don’t really think that way,” Ebert said to Stern, already exasperated by Stern’s offensive remarks.

“You ever act like the great slave master in bed?” Stern asked Ebert in response. “Do you ever do the master-slave thing?”

Ebert grew even more appalled due to Stern’s racism and attempted to appeal to Stern’s better side, which he soon learned does not exist.

“Behind those glasses, under that hair is somebody who isn’t the person that is speaking right now,” Ebert said.

“Have you ever fantasized about being a slave master?” Stern reiterated.

Ebert refused to dignify Stern’s question with a response, but Stern would not leave the topic alone. He then admitted that he had a thing for black women, and the slave master fetish appeals to him greatly.

“I must tell you this: I have often fantasized what it would be like to be a slave master back in the slave days… To think of me as a white slave master where if a woman was good to me, she would be rewarded by being in master’s quarters and to think about all of that and breed all these women. This would be unbelievable to me, and I must say there is a little bit of that fantasy I’m sure going on in your own relationship,” Stern said to Ebert.

“You’re a very sick person,” Ebert told Stern.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Stern going into blackface and donning a grotesque racist caricature to make fun of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:

In one clip, Stern wore blackface, put on cartoonishly big lips, and donned an afro for an “interview with Clarence Thomas.”

“Oonga boonga… I would like to be the head muckity muck of the Supreme judiciary contingent,” Stern said in the highly offensive clip.

“I want to relate to the black people, tell them not to fear me on the Supreme Court Justice… I will talk to you about the cannabis,” Stern added.

At this point, Stern pulled out a joint and started smoking it – playing into the stereotype that black people like to smoke marijuana. After doing that, he pulled out a bong and started smoking from that device as well.

“I must tell you that I have a white wife,” Stern said.

He brought out a white lady who was meant to represent Thomas’ wife at this point and the racism continued.

“You want to climb under this here robe and kiss your husband?” Stern asked the woman.

Stern has gone politically correct in recent years and thrown his working-class audience under the bus. Unfortunately for him, the mob may be coming for his scalp next due to his many decades as a shock jock.

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