VIDEO: Immigration Protesters At MoveOn Rally Are CLUELESS

During Saturday’s nationwide #KeepFamiliesTogether rally against President Donald J. Trump’s decision to enforce immigration law as written, Big League Politics took to the streets of a blazing hot Raleigh, NC to interview some protestors.

The results were… interesting.

The theme of the protest was “Abolish ICE,” as was the theme among most radical leftists in other cities. An estimated 1500 people attended the rally.

The Raleigh protest featured several protestors calling for the abolishment of ICE with their picket signs, only to tone down their rhetoric in front of the camera. There was also plenty of hate for President Donald J. Trump going around.


Intersectionality was a secondary theme of the rally, as seems to be the approach with leftist gatherings. Planned Parenthood, the infant-murdering organization, was present. The representatives were handing out free contraceptives to children who may or may not have reached the age of consent, and were signing people up for their morbid email list, which one can only assume is a stat-tracker on abortions performed weekly.

Voter registration volunteers were also solidifying the Democrat base with sign-up sheets.


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