VIDEO: Jim Acosta Is A Bad Person Who Should NOT Be Allowed In The White House

CNN’s Jim Acosta could be prosecuted for assault if the female White House intern he grabbed decides to press charges. He is not a real journalist and he makes a sad mockery of our institutions. Big League Politics feels very strongly that he should not be in the White House. Unlike Fox News, we are NOT standing in solidarity with this pathetic clown who contemptuously degrades the very concept of Truth. The ban on Jim Acosta must stand.

Big League Politics reported:

The permanent White House press pass of CNN provocateur and showman Jim Acosta was confirmed to be suspended tonight, after Acosta tweeted about being denied access to White House grounds by the Secret Service. In response, White House Press Secretary confirmed that Acosta’s ‘hard pass’ to White House press events had been stripped, indicating that the mainstream media figure would now face extreme vetting on a case-to-case basis to receive media accreditation.

This development takes place after Acosta went off the rails during a Presidential press conference earlier today, obstinately insisting to the President that he be given free reign to spout off on a lengthy rant about his political grievances with the administration. Acosta actually shooed off a female White House staff member who had the job of taking the press microphone from the CNN operative after it was made clear that he had exceeded his permitted time to question the President- raising serious questions about Acosta’s respect for women.

While his access to White House events does not appear to be permanently blocked, it seems that Acosta will face increased scrutiny from the administration for his series of clownish and pathetic stunts. It remains to be seen if he is willing to clean up his act and behave as a serious, respectable Washington D.C. press pool figure.

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