VIDEO: Jim Carrey Lies About Christianity, Said Jesus Christ Is A Fake Chemical Reaction

Actor Jim Carrey has taken on a new career as a painter, drawing crude artworks about members of President Donald Trump’s team and his supporters. Carrey’s unhinged paintings actually threaten innocent people — Kaitlin Bennett, the Kent State University pro-gun activist was targeted by Carrey, who said that the devil would eat her for lunch.

Carrey’s paintings accuse Sarah Sanders of lying for the wicked, and President Trump of being a Roman executioner of Jesus.

Now we know — courtesy of video evidence — that when Jim Carrey cites Christian imagery to attack Trump, it is all lies. Jim Carrey is on record using an age-old anti-religious talking point to explain the “Jesus Christ” chemical phenomenon. Jim Carrey is very animated about his anti-Christian agenda, as the video clip below reveals. There are numerous other videos of Carrey disseminating New Age anti-religious propaganda.

This is from Carrey’s appearance on “Norm MacDonald Live” in which he denied the reality of Jesus Christ, inspiring atheists and Satanists everywhere.

Here is Carrey mocking Internet researchers for their work exposing his crazy beliefs.

Here is one of Carrey’s harassing paintings aimed at Kaitlin Bennett.

Jim Carrey’s recent girlfriend committed suicide, for which Carrey was sued for wrongful death by the girl’s mother. Here is an excerpt from People magazine:

“Jim Carrey is dropping a request that his late girlfriend’s mother, who is suing him for wrongful death, pay him $372,000 should he win the case.

The motion to drop the undertaking, obtained by PEOPLE, was filed by Carrey’s attorneys earlier in the week. Brigid Sweetman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey in October after her daughter Cathriona White, who had been dating Carrey on and off for years, died by suicide in 2015. She claims the actor provided her daughter with the prescription drugs that caused her death.

In addition to Sweetman, White’s estranged husband Mark Burton is also suing the actor. Sweetman and Burton separately claim that Carrey obtained the drugs that killed White under the false name “Arthur King” and provided them to her, despite knowing she was prone to depression and had previously attempted suicide. Furthermore, Sweetman alleges that Carrey gave White “three STDs without warning her.”….

Read Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend’s horrifying letter to him, in which she revealed the extent of his apparent madness. Remember her name Cathriona White, because she is now dead and no longer able to speak for herself in this world. She wrote:

“I am 27 years old and all that was left of me was a shell and a damaged one at that. Picking myself back up emotionally and mentally is one thing, people have bad experience and break-ups, it’s hard but with time they move on, meet someone new, start over. Add in disease. How does someone move on and meet someone new?
“I am damaged. I am discusting (sic) When I shower I feel sick. Getting turned on…what’s that? Certainly not something that happens (to) me any more. I will always be damaged goods and have a stigma attached. So I have to accept something I was always afraid of. Being alone. Being abandoned and alone.”

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