VIDEO: Kathy Griffin Took Job At Trump’s Club, Sucked Up To Him

Kathy Griffin is now best known for her unhinged rants directed at President Donald Trump, and an infamous photo shoot in which she held up a model of Trump’s head, ISIS-style.

“He broke me,” Griffin sobbed at a press conference alongside her lawyer Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred, where she disparaged “white guys” and blamed criticism of her disgusting photo shoot on sexism.

But not too many years ago, in 2010, Griffin was more than happy to take a gig at Trump’s golf club performing for the celebrity billionaire on his NBC show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Like many people in show business, Griffin now has to reconcile her mandatory Hollywood hatred for Trump the politician with her past groveling at the feet of the master.

Credit to ShadowBanned Suzy for this delightful find:

Oh yeah, and here’s this picture of Griffin at the club, courtesy of Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/YouTube and published by IJR:

Griffin is back in the headlines for another profane outburst about Trump, joining Robert de Niro and Jim Carrey in the pantheon of fading entertainers whose hatred of Trump publicly consumes them.

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