VIDEO: Parkland Victim Father Isn’t Backing Down After Telling Democrats to ‘Go To Hell’

The father of Meadow Pollack, a victim of the February Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL, defended a Tweet telling Democrats to “go to hell” after backlash.

“What/who failed my daughter: •Dem policies •Dem Sheriff •Dem Super intendant •Dem school board •Dem teachers union Now Nancy Pelosi is saying that if the Dems take back the House they will take away guns to honor Parkland victims From a victims dad, go to hell Dems ,” Pollack said on Oct. 18.

In his latest video, he defended his Tweet, and did not give into the Democrat mob.

“While I was looking for my daughter, I was wearing a Trump 2020 shirt, and a reporter took a picture of me – I really was getting a picture of my daughter out there into the news, hoping that someone would know or saw my daughter” said Andrew Pollack. “At that time [the reporter] posted that picture out there, and that’s when all the hate mail started coming in on me from mostly Democrats.

Pollack described himself as apolitical until 2016, when he began to worry about the direction of the country.

“Sick, demented Democrats started writing me, attacking me for wearing a freakin’ shirt that had Trump 2020 on it when I was just finding out when my daughter was murdered,” he said.

Pollack went on to describe the leftist policies brought to Broward County by a Democrat superintendent from Chicago that allowed for Nikolas Cruz, who had committed multiple crimes, not to be arrested. The program is described as “diversionary” and meant to keep kids out of the criminal justice system. Consequently, Cruz was able to buy a rifle legally that he used to murder 17 students at the high school. Had he been arrested, he never would have been able to purchase the gun in the first place.

“When I put that Tweet out, I was just speaking the truth about what happened in Broward,” he said. “You’ve got a Democratic Sheriff, you’ve go a Democratic school board, a Democratic superintendent, a Democratic teacher’s union, and these Democratic policies put together – all of them led up to my daughter getting murdered.”


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