VIDEO: Political Violence on MAGA Supporters Cheered on by Leftist Twitter Mob

A video of a deranged African-American individual attacking a patriotic group of Donald Trump supporters is receiving a favorable reaction from a leftist hate mob on Twitter.

Anti-white pundit Tariq Nasheed posted the following video, claiming without evidence that Trump supporters were “harassing and antagonizing people” to justify the behavior of a thug’s vicious assault of women, minorities and elderly men.

The Twitter mob reacted with glee that the multiracial group of Trump supporters were terrorized by this borderline terrorist.

This is reminiscent of the wave of violent assaults committed by ANTIFA and other domestic terror groups against pro-Trump individuals that occurred around President Trump’s inauguration in Jan. 2017.

Heading into the contentious election in 2020, the violence and the terrorism from Democrat-aligned forces will likely soar to new heights as the veil comes off of the intolerant, hate-filled Left.

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