VIDEO: Raheem Kassam Takes On London Mayor Sadiq Khan In New Series On Terrorism

British patriot activist Raheem Kassam is dropping a new video — his first major broadside in what could develop into a serious run against London mayor Sadiq Khan in 2020.

Kassam is popularly linked to Nigel Farage, the charismatic UKIP leader who became the public face of Brexit, including here in America, where the British ballot-box victory propelled the Donald Trump campaign at a key moment. While UKIP has declined in political power and British bureaucrats severely walk back the promises of Brexit, Kassam feels the need to move strongly toward new electoral wins. London is deteriorating and political leaders are complicit in its fall, as evidenced by Tommy Robinson’s incarceration for filming on the street outside of a gang rape trial.

“It’s about time Londoners stood up and held Sadiq Khan to account. This is the start of a major series focusing on how this feckless mayor has failed my home city,” Kassam told Big League Politics in an interview.

In our most recent installment of the heartbreaking Tommy Robinson saga, we reported on Robinson confronting a Daily Mail journalist who followed the nationalist Kassam ally on a family outing after he was released from prison — where he was held in a cell directly across from the prison mosque:

Tommy Robinson posted clips from a 40 minute video where he confronts a journalist with the Daily Mail that followed Robinson while he was on vacation with his wife and children.

Robinson spent almost an hour questioning the journalist from the Daily Mail and posted the live streams on Facebook, but Facebook immediately began to prevent the public video from being shared.

“Facebook are preventing some from sharing my video of me questioning the daily mail journalist who had been photographing my family on our holiday,” Robinson wrote on one post.

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