VIDEO: Riots Surface in San Bernardino After Armed Suspect Resists Arrest, Retrieves Weapon

Black Lives Matter-style riots exploded in the city of San Bernardino, California on Friday night, after a police officer shot a man who was resisting arrest while possessing a gun the night before.

Mark Matthew Bender Jr., 35, was shot four times during a struggle with a San Bernardino police officer on Thursday. Authorities encountered Bender when responding to 911 calls reporting a man jumping onto cars while in possession of a gun outside of the King Tut liquor store.

The San Bernardino Police Department revealed footage of the arrest, which reveals Bender ignoring a command to show his hands to a police officer with a drawn pistol and struggling when he’s placed under arrest.

More footage released by the San Bernardino Police Department reveals Bender struggled against officers, and was holding a black object that appeared to be a weapon the moment before he was shot.

The suspect was able to physically overpower the officer and retrieved a weapon from his pocket, and was turning to face the officer,” a statement from SBPD said. “At this time, an officer-involved shooting occurred. The officer discharged his duty weapon four times and the suspect was struck multiple times.

In spite of the seemingly strong justification for the use of lethal force, mobs congregated to riot in the streets of the California city the night after the shooting. Rioters stood in the streets and keyed the cars of totally random motorists as a “protest” against the shooting.

Other rioters assaulted motorists, apparently under the impression that violent acts towards innocent civilians would accomplish something.

Seems like the Black Lives Matter movement has moved beyond the shootings of “unarmed black man.” They’ll now protest for gun-wielding criminal suspects, as well.

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