VIDEO: See Woman’s EPIC Response To USA Today Reporter Who Tried To Dox Her For Tweeting About Soros

USA Today reporter Brad Heath threatened to publicly identify a Twitter user named Loretta because Loretta tweeted about George Soros while discussing the migrant caravan heading toward the United States.

Over the course of a two-day text conversation initiated by Heath, Loretta told the reporter that she had small children and pleaded with Heath not to use her name, but Heath told her he was going to name her anyway. As the reporter’s threatening tone increased, Loretta’s awesomeness shone through.

Here is the conversation between Brad Heath and Loretta, followed by screenshots of the text messages. BLP erased Brad Heath’s phone number from all screenshots:

Day 1 of the Harassing Conversation:

Day 2 of the Harassing Conversation:


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