VIDEO: Sheila Jackson-Lee Must Be Investigated For Envelope-Pushing In Kavanaugh Case

Democrat congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee is in the middle of a whirlwind of controversy after she fired her staffer Jackson Cosko, a 27-year old who is charged with various crimes stemming from his effort to dox Republican senators during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Why is Cosko charged with “witness tampering”? And how do we explain the video of Sheila Jackson-Lee handing accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer a white envelope in the hearing room?

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Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee handed a white envelope to Michael Bromwich, one of the two attorneys representing accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

What was in the envelope passed between the sitting member of Congress and the attorney for Ford? Thursday’s hearing revealed that Dianne Feinstein recommended the lawyer Debra Katz to Mz. Ford.

Here, the Clover Chronicle captured the event on tape. Sheila Jackson-Lee clearly makes the handoff to the lawyer.:

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