VIDEO: The Eyes of the Nation Are On The RINO’s

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is coming down to the RINO caucus of the Senate: Jeff Flake of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. If Kavanaugh passes the Judiciary Committee, the full Senate vote becomes top priority for everyone in Washington, and for all Americans. The vote was originally scheduled for Saturday, but we will monitor any events that could delay it.

Collins and Murkowski can only sink Kavanaugh if Trump-state Democrat Joe Manchin also votes No. UNLESS Jeff Flake or other Republicans vote no, as well. If Flake votes no and Manchin votes no, then the Collins-Murkowski tag team can disrupt the day.

Flake flaked in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, calling for a week-long FBI investigation into Kavanaugh before any vote takes place. President Trump and Lindsey Graham believe the Democrats are simply trying to delay the vote.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana gave the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a thorough trial.

“Do you believe in God?”Kennedy asked Kavanaugh.

“I do,” Kavanaugh replied.

Senator Kennedy gave Mr. Kavanaugh the only trial he needed. Before God, Brett Kavanaugh said that none of the allegations are true.

Shortly thereafter, John Cornyn said the whole affair was an “embarrassment to the Senate” and said he expects a vote in the morning.


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