VIDEO: What You Need To Know About Rod Rosenstein’s Face-Off With President Trump Thursday

Deputy attorney general and Operation Crossfire Hurricane participant Rod Rosenstein reportedly verbally resigned his position to White House chief of staff John Kelly, and the resignation was accepted. Rosenstein verbally plotted to wear a wire to spy on the President of the United States, according to the New York Times.

Rosenstein is set to speak with President Trump Thursday following his meeting Monday with some White House officials. Some mainstream media outlets and Deep State operators are trying to push the narrative that Rosenstein did NOT resign, and that he will be fired by Trump.

Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu on the Democrat side are trying to push the narrative that Rosenstein did not and should not resign, and that any attempt by Trump to force him out would be tantamount to obstruction of justice. Conservatives┬áMark Levin and Sean Hannity have both said that Trump should not fire Rosenstein, for fear of an obstruction of justice charge. The Freedom Caucus said that Rosenstein should testify under oath or else “immediately resign.”

The result of the meeting between Trump and Rosenstein will illuminate in the public square how much clout Rosenstein really has.

Rosenstein brought a team with him from his old U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland, which he gained during the Clinton administration after interrogating Hillary Clinton for Ken Starr and not charging her.

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