Viktor Orban Claims That Hundreds of Ethnic Hungarians Have Died Due to Ukrainian Conscription

In a speech last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán revealed that hundreds of ethnic Hungarians have died in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

During the speech, Orbán stated “We should not get involved in this war no matter what….because in our neighboring country many Hungarians live.“

He added that “Everyday people are dying. Hundreds of Hungarians have also died… those that the Ukrainian army has conscripted.” 

According to the Washington Post, there are 2 million Hungarians living abroad, with roughly 130,000 of them living in Ukraine. They’re specifically concentrated in the Zakarpattia Oblast in the Transcarpathia region.  

Hungary has maintained a relatively level-headed response to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. It initially condemned Russia’s invasion but has maintained a steadfast position against sanctioning Russia’s energy industry. 

There have even been rumors of Ukraine potentially annexing territory from Hungary, especially in Transcarpathia. With Ukraine potentially being partitioned, there’s a chance that Hungary could stake its claim to areas populated by significant amounts of ethnic Hungarians. After all, Orbán’s government is nationalist in nature and strives to fight for the interests of Hungarians both domestically and abroad. 

The economic angle is crucial given the country’s reliance on Russian energy. Due to Europe’s enthusiastic support for sanctions against Russia, a massive energy crisis has kicked off that’s reducing the overall standard of living.

That’s what happens when countries are consumed by total fanaticism. 

Europe and the US would do well to follow Hungary’s balanced approach to geopolitics.

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