Viktor Orban Claims that the European Union is on the Verge of Bankruptcy

At a two-day summit of European Union leaders in Brussels at the end of June, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared that the EU is on the verge of going bankrupt. 

In a Facebook post, Orbán asked, “The only question everyone is asking here in Brussels is: Where has the money gone?” One of the major topics discussed at the summits is where the EU’s budgeted funds have actually gone to. 

The Hungarian prime minister claimed that the European Commission submitted a budget amendment proposal calling on member states to cough up tens of billions of euros.

“The question arises: How did this situation come about and how did they bring the European Union to the brink of bankruptcy?” Orbán inquired.

On top of that, Orbán observed that the EU is demanding additional money from EU members, although it is just two years into its seven-year budget plan. Put simply, the money that was green lit for spending and was supposed to be there in the next five years has already been spent.

The prime minister then outlined what spending items EU authorities are demanding for the budget.

“They want to get €50 billion from the member states to give to Ukraine, while they cannot even account for the money we have given them so far. They want more money from the member states so that they can pay the interest on the European Union loans that they have previously taken out. These are loans that Poland and Hungary have not seen a single cent from so far,” Orbán stated.

Orbán claimed that the EU commission is calling on member states to pitch in more money for immigration. Curiously, none of these calls for increased funding are for border protection. Instead, this money is likely going to be used to facilitate mass migration from North Africa and the Middle East. 

“Of course, they didn’t forget about their own pockets. They are asking for billions of euros to raise the salaries of Brussels bureaucrats,” he noted.

“The Hungarian position is clear,” he proclaimed. “First, we want to know what the huge amount of money we have given them so far has been spent on. Afterward, we want to know who is responsible for the fact that the European Union is on the brink of bankruptcy.”

Orbán attended the summit of the Council of EU leaders on June 29 and June 30. At this summit, the main topics discussed were additional financial aid for Ukraine, compulsory migrant quotas, and what EU policy towards China will look like. 

The EU is an unaccountable superstate that’s committed to multiculturalism and political correctness. In addition, it’s committed to funding the Collective West proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to the expense of the average EU citizen. At some point, EU leaders will have to start prioritizing their people’s interests and not that of transnational NGOs or globalist Anglosphere institutions.

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