Viktor Orbán Rejects Globalist Plots to Dilute Hungary’s National Identity

On July 23, 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech in Central Romania criticizing Western European countries and politicians for aiding and abetting mass migration waves that result in the dilution of their national identities. He observed that non-European migrants have taken over Western European cities.

Daily News Hungary reported that Orbán said, “We [Hungarians] are not a mixed race, and we do not want to become a mixed race either.”

Because of Central Europe and Eastern Europe’s relative stability compared to Western Europe, Orbán believes the former parts of Europe are the future of Western civilization as Western Europe falls to mass migration and socially deviant lifestyles. 

The Hungarian leader argued that 2030 would be a turning point for Europe and the United States because that would be the time many of the socio-economic problems brewing in those polities would come to a head. At that point, the ruling classes of those countries would be confronted with demographic implosions, rising crime, and economic unrest. 

While he addressed the Bálványos Summer University in Baile Tusnad (Tusnádfürdő), Romania, on July 23, Orbán stated Hungary was fighting Brussels and oligarch George Soros’s “troops” to “force migrants on us”.

Orbán believes that Hungary’s greatest challenge was how deaths still outpace births, a frightening demographic prospect, “Our situation has improved but there is still no turnaround, and without a turnaround, Hungary and the Carpathian basin will sooner or later be “repopulated” away from us,” he proclaimed. In Orban’s view, mass migration has caused divisions within Europe. “The West is split in two”, with one half being made up of countries where Europeans must live with growing non-European populations. “Those countries are no longer nations,” he asserted. “In a spiritual sense, the West has moved to central Europe,” he remarked. Orbán stressed that the two halves of Europe are in a profound struggle. 

It’s become abundantly clear that Western Europe is committed to turning Hungary and other recalcitrant Central and Eastern European states into facsimiles of Brussels and other multicultural capitals of the post-West. 

However, as long as Orbán — a committed Hungarian patriot and a staunch opponent of multiculturalism — remains in office, there will always be strong opposition to these radical social engineering projects. 

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