Violent Leftists Holding Workshop to Learn How to Destroy Confederate Statues

Some of the same leftist groups involved in the violent riot that resulted in the destruction of the Silent Sam statue at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill will hold a workshop next week to teach others how to be successful anarchists, first reported by Far Left Watch.

“Join us for workshops, political discussions, and actions to commemorate the one year anniversary of the righteous fightback in Charlottesville, VA against white supremacists and the people’s toppling of a confederate monument in Durham, NC,” says a Facebook event by Defend Durham called “How to Topple A Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall.”

The radical leftists have other plans for the event, too. They want to do away with the entirety of the criminal justice system.

“Black August provides us all with a mandate to connect these struggles, to raise the banner which calls for the abolition of ICE, police, and prisons; and to build a different world that is built with the power of the people, the power of the workers, and the power of all oppressed people,” the event description says.

It is a fascinating time in American history. Anarcho-communism is meeting the mainstream political left, and the Democrat party.

Event registration is directed to a page called, which celebrates the illegal toppling of a confederate statue outside the old Durham County Courthouse last August.

“The people of Durham took the statue down, and the people of Durham should be the ones to decide what should take its place,” the page says. “Submit your ideas for what should replace the spot where the Confederate monument once stood!”

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