Virginia Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin Appoints Education Secretary Who Led Organization Pushing Marxist ‘Social-Emotional Learning’ Scam

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin may have swept into office based on his opposition to critical race theory (CRT), but his pick for Education Secretary is a sign that the principles behind CRT will remain intact in public schools during his upcoming administration.

Youngkin announced that Aimee Rogstad Guidera, a data education consultant, would be his Secretary of Education last week. Youngkin claimed that her appointment would “recharge a system that has settled for too long.”

“Aimee will be a critical partner in restoring expectations of excellence; overseeing a record education budget to invest in teachers, facilities and special education; rolling out innovation lab and charter schools; and standing for a curriculum that prepares Virginia’s children for a dynamic future and removes politics from the classroom,” Youngkin said in a statement.

Guidera is the founder of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), an educational nonprofit that studies data collected from children in the classroom and makes educational recommendations. Some of the recommendations made by the DQC include advocacy for social-emotional learning (SEL), another leftist euphemism allowing for marxism to be taught in the classroom similar to critical race theory.

In a resource posted by the DQC in March 2018 titled, “Using Social-Emotional Learning Data in the CORE Districts: Lessons Learned,” school systems are encouraged to model themselves after California in order to track children based on their adherence to certain social justice principles.

“82 percent of Americans say it is highly important for schools to help students develop interpersonal skills such as being cooperative, respectful of others, and persistent at solving problems. And 91 percent of families are interested in knowing about their child’s social-emotional learning (SEL),” the DQC wrote in their report.

“What is less obvious, however, is how to accurately measure and assess these skills, especially ones that fall into the category of SEL. However, places such as California’s CORE Districts provide examples to learn from so states can better understand how they might approach this work,” they added.

While the DQC is deliberately vague about what SEL truly means in their report, delving into the curriculum pushed under SEL shows that it is a far-left indoctrination scheme as pernicious and insidious as CRT.

The infamous Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), for example, offers a curriculum called Perspectives for a Diverse America that is used in classrooms nationwide under the banner of SEL.

Perspectives focuses on K-12 literacy instruction by offering a free web-based anthology of texts, teaching strategies and student tasks to promote academic achievement as well as social and emotional learning. Although the curriculum is aligned to the Language Arts and Literacy standards of the Common Core State Standards, it is compatible with any college- and career-readiness standards,” the SPLC claimed with the introduction of their curriculum in 2014.

Some of the left-wing propaganda peddled under the SEL umbrella through this SPLC curriculum can be seen below:

The hiring of Guidera shows that the Youngkin administration may pull a RINO bait-and-switch when it comes to the opposition of left-wing indoctrination in the classroom. Considering Youngkin’s deep globalist ties, this should come as a surprise to nobody.

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