Virginia High Schoolers Protest in Support of Teacher Fired for Refusing Trans Pronouns

A school board in Virginia appears to have stirred fierce opposition amongst the student body of West Point High School after voting unanimously to terminate a French teacher for his refusal to use alternate pronouns for a transgender student.

The students of West Point High School in King William County staged a walkout in protest of the firing on Monday, and were seen chanting “bring him back” in a demand to see a teacher who was apparently popular among his students reinstated after being purged by school authorities for refusing to comply with transgender ideology.

Peter Vlaming, 47, was fired Thursday after a lengthy controversy involving a transgender student who had been in his French class for two years. The student had “transitioned” from female to male over the summer, and Vlaming declined to address a previously female student as “he.” In the School Board meeting in which his firing was decided upon, Vlaming discussed how recognizing a biologically female student as male would violate his Christian principles, and mentioned how he had made a considerable effort to compromise with the student.

Forrest Rohde, a West Point student identified as a leader of the student protest, spoke about why he wanted to see the seven-year veteran teacher reinstated. “The school board is trying to force the teacher to conform to their ideologies with the threat of removal from the school,” he told WWBT News.

Mr. Vlaming’s attorney, Shawn Voyles, stated that the protest was indicative of the support for Vlaming’s position among the student body he taught and alluded to previously student protests in support of him being restricted by the school administrators.

We are glad to see that West Point Public Schools permitted this peaceful protest today. That was not the case in November when the students began circulating a petition to return my client to his job. As a student testified at the hearing…the high school principal actually confiscated the petition. It unfortunately took a threat of legal action by a student to have it returned.” 

The desire of gender-ideology proponents- in many cases funded by pharmaceutical lobbies the profit off of placing young adults on body and mind-altering drugs and hormones- to advance propaganda upon children and young adults has been increasingly visible in public schools, even to children in kindergarten. The effort to enshrine transgenderism within public schools comes as voices within the medical community become increasingly skeptical of its validity.

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