Virginia Lawmakers Voted to Destroy American History via Monument Removals

On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, state lawmakers approved legislation that would give local Virginia governments the power to take down Confederate monuments in public spaces.

Fueled from the outrage following the 2017 rally in Charlottesville, the Left has been adamant about pursuing policies that would help facilitate monument removals. Now that they have complete control of the General Assembly and the Governor’s office, Democrats are ready to demolish historical monuments in the name of political correctness.

In a vote that largely took place on partisan lines, the Democrat-controlled House and Senate passed bills that would grant cities and counties the power to “remove, relocate, contextualize, cover or alter” monuments on their public spaces.

On Tuesday, largely along party lines, the Democrat-led House and Senate passed measures that would give cities and counties the autonomy to “remove, relocate, contextualize, cover or alter” the monuments in their public spaces.

Democrat Delegate Delores McQuinn sponsored the House bill and said it would allow local communities decide “how they want to memorialize history, whether it’s right in your face or they want to memorialize it in another way.”

The bills’ opponents compared Confederate monument removal to erasing history and have expressed concerns that the legislation could lead to a slippery slope of other removals of monuments that commemorate controversial conflicts such as the Vietnam War.

“I do not believe this will end well,” declared Republican Delegate Charles Poindexter, who believes that the bill sent a “tough message” to veterans or dead veteran’s families.

This is another theater of the culture war that must be fought whole-heartedly.

The Left would like nothing more than to strip America of its history and create a deracinated society where people mindlessly consume and are at the whims of politically correct thought policers.

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