Virginia Schools Boards Association Breaks Ties with National Organization

On November 21, 2021, the Virginia Schools Boards Association took a vote to end its membership with the National School Boards Association.

Corey DeAngelis, the National Director of Research at the American Federation for Children, tweeted about this development and noted that in light of this move in Virginia “26 state school boards associations have now distanced themselves from the National School Boards Association.”

DeAngelis added, “15 of those states (purple) have discontinued membership, participation, and/or dues because of the NSBA’s actions.”

The VSBA gave its reasoning for its bold move: 

“The VSBA Board passed its motion following extensive analysis and discussion of the gradual decline in NSBA’s focus on supporting community ownership and excellence of public schools over the last decade. Despite extensive efforts by the state associations to help NSBA regain that focus, the VSBA Board concluded that NSBA currently lacks the leadership necessary to bring about the fundamental change necessary for NSBA to regain its important role as an advocate for excellence in public education through school board leadership.”

This is just the latest step state school boards associations are taking in order to break ties with the national umbrella organization of school boards. This national organization has largely signed off on the leftist curricula being pushed in schools nationwide. 

BLP previously reported on school boards associations in Montana, South Carolina, and Wisconsin withdrawing from the NSBA. 

This appears to be a national trend that’s becoming the norm in red states, where school staff and administration is overwhelmingly leftist. As a result, they’re pushing curricula that’s way to the Left of what parents what their children to be instructed in.

Education reform, a la school choice and the defunding of public education, will have to be a part of any serious populist program. Depriving our enemies of the ability to indoctrinate millions of young Americans into embracing leftist ideas is one of the most effective ways of breaking their hegemony. 

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