Virginia Senator Calls for Ralph Northam to Resign Amidst Gun Control Push

A Virginia Senator is calling for Governor Ralph Northam to resign, just as the governor has imposed a state of emergency to safeguard against a supposed threat from pro-Second Amendment patriots.

Senator Amanda Chase of the Commonwealth’s 11th District made a post on her government Facebook page calling for the controversial and beleaguered governor to depart from office on January 20th.

Chase highlighted three derelictions of duty in making her call for the governor’s resignation. First, she slammed Northam’s support of egregious pro-abortion policies, infamously endorsing ‘live-term’ abortions of infants moments after their births.

She next blasted the governor’s nationally embarrassing blackface scandal, in which the Democrat initially apologized for a photo featuring him wearing blackface from his student yearbook page entry published by Big League Politics. Northam went on to change his mind, alleging that he wasn’t the blackface-clad character.

Chase, a conservative who represents a rural area of Virginia, pointed out that Northam’s metropolitan progressive agenda is roundly opposed by a clear majority of Virginia counties and municipalities. But the scandalized governor is moving full steam ahead even as a tsunami of Virginia counties designate themselves as sanctuaries from Northam’s gun control push.

Northam currently is spearheading a strong push to ban the transfers of all new semiautomatic sporting rifles in the commonwealth, and standard capacity 30-round magazines. Existing owners will face the prospect of turning their property in or signing up for a comprehensive state government database.

At this stage, Northam’s resignation is long overdue. Virginians have been well in need of a new, credible governor ever since Northam was exposed for his bizarre yearbook entry. But the Democratic lightning rod is set on distracting from his personal scandals with dream progressive policy drives, especially if it gives him a chance to demonize the commonwealth’s law-abiding second amendment community.

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