Vivek Ramaswamy Promises to Gut the Administrative State

On August 13, 2023, Ramaswamy promised that if he is elected as president his priority will be to “clean house, shut down the FBI, refurbish the DOJ.”

“My core platform is to get in there and shut down the administrative deep state, the three-letter agencies, the regulatory state that is a threat to our constitutional republic, from the FBI, to the IRS, to the ATF, to the U.S. Department of Education,” Ramaswamy in an interview for Fox News.

He added, “that is our ticket to not only restoring the integrity of our government, but also to stimulating the economy, because those three-letter agencies are actually the source of the unconstitutional federal regulations that act like a wet blanket on businesses both large and small in our economy.”

Ramaswamy continued by pointing out that “these things go hand in glove together to be able to both restore the integrity of our constitutional republic by getting rid of that fourth branch while also stimulating the economy in the process.”

Ramaswamy was misquoted by the corporate media announcing that he would issue a pardon to the Bidens for their alleged acts of corruption. Ramaswamy cleared the record by noting that “I’m on record going in favor of an impeachment inquiry on Biden, because I personally believe the Ukraine war is indeed a repayment for a bribe made, now sending $200 billion of taxpayer money in the other direction.”

“I’m the only candidate to actually pledge to pardon Trump for all of these political persecutions through prosecutions, even peaceful January 6 protesters on down,” Ramaswamy continued.

He further detailed that while he would figured out how to handle the Biden’s alleged bribery scandal, “I’m not going to be guided by vengeance and grievance. I’m going to be guided by integrity.”

“I’m going to be focused on stimulating the economy, ending the war in Ukraine, declaring independence from China,” Ramaswamy continued.“I stand on the side of leading us forward to a national revival.” 

Downsizing the administrative state is of the utmost importance. It’s the great enabler of government that has plagued the US for well over a century. For far too long, conservatives have treated unconstitutional government agencies like normal institutions. 

That kind of mindset has to stop if we want to restore previously lost freedoms. Tolerating such unconstitutional behavior will inevitably lead to the downfall of our nation.

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