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Vowing to Protect Controversial Free Speech, 8Chan Owner Claims Site Will Be Back Online This Week

Jim Watkins appeared on the One America News Network last week to explain the latest developments about 8Chan.



The controversial free speech website 8Chan has been offline since it was widely blamed by the fake news media of facilitating recent mass shootings. The site’s owner Jim Watkins said in an exclusive interview with the One America News Network that he expects the website to be restored sometime this week.

Watkins explained to journalist Jack Posobiec that he had recently finished a hearing with the House Committee on Homeland Security where the government officials questioned him about his personal finances.

“They asked about my finances. They didn’t seem to get it that 8chan is not a billion-dollar company like the other companies they’ve been talking to. I think they were a little bit shocked at the fact that 8chan grosses about $12,000 per year,” he said.

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“They started grilling me over and over again on foreign investment and foreign money. I had to get them to narrow that down a little bit because we do take money online from foreigners. They go to our shopping cart and pay us money,” he added.

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Watkins made it clear to the Congressional lawmakers that he has never taken a loan from a foreign government and never worked with any foreign intelligence agency.

“They asked a lot about Russian access to 8chan, and I explained to them that the Russian government has blocked access to 8chan,” he said.

Watkins told Posobiec that he was grilled by lawmakers primarily about the Poway, CA synogague shooting, where the alleged killer posted a manifesto on 8Chan before initiating a rampage that resulted in one dead and three others injured.

Watkins said: “The first I heard about the Powoy shooting was when I saw the Assistant FBI Director being grilled on C-SPAN by Congressman Thompson. This is the first I knew about the Powoy shooting. At that time, I said ‘well, we have to get him some information because he doesn’t know anything about 8Chan.'”

He said he offered Congress a great deal of information about 8Chan and made recommendations about what could be done for authorities to more effectively work with the tech industry to prevent attacks in the future.

Watkins said he has been busy making sure that after 8Chan is restored, it will be on much firmer standing in the future and less vulnerable to attack from tech monopolies that are dedicated to implementing Big Brother censorship.

“I have been spending this time with building my own version of Cloudflare so we don’t have one central place to shut down the websites so easily because basically these giant public companies can just de-platform anybody they want,” Watkins explained.

Cloudflare terminated their agreement to host DNS services with 8Chan last month, even though they provide those same services to pedophile networks.

Watkins said: “I’ve received threats from big public companies. It’s like commercial terrorism. It’s like ‘we’re going to not only shut you down, I’m going to shut down the companies that are two hops above you on the internet.'”

He feels that if he cannot put 8Chan back online, it will be a monumental victory against digital freedom for Big Brother. Watkins feels his battle is emblematic of a much greater war for free speech in the technological age.

“I think we are the first of many, and that if I don’t get back online, then it will be considered a success, and that they’ll go after the next site, and the next site, and the next site. So I feel an obligation to turn [8Chan] back on, and that is super important to me even though it is not like a profitable enterprise. It’s so many people silenced right now,” Watkins said.

Watkins made clear that he doesn’t intend to change 8chan’s free speech policies due to political pressure. He believes that protecting anonymity is more important than ever before, and apart of the American creed.

“Proactively censoring is something they would do in Europe. It’s something they would do in the People’s Republic of China, and that’s okay because that’s their country, but Americans don’t do that,” he said.

Watkins expects 8Chan to be restored to full functionality sometime this week.


Twitter Blames Nonexistent White Nationalist Group for ANTIFA’s Role in Fomenting Riots

They are trying to disavow their role in allowing ANTIFA terrorists on their platform.



Social media giant Twitter has resorted to blaming a white nationalist group that no longer exists for fomenting riots that have resulted in death and destruction throughout the country.

One Twitter account, @ANTIFA_US, was lampooning the anti-American terrorist group with various posts mocking their extremist stances. They had written that the terrorist group was planning to “move into the residential areas” and “take what’s ours.”

Twitter, which has been known to harbor hate speech from ANTIFA domestic terrorists for many years, is blaming the defunct Identity Evropa (IE) group for the parody account that has since been removed from the platform. IE was officially disbanded in March 2019.

The fake news media is echoing this baseless conspiracy theory, with outlets such as NBC News and Business Insider running with the dubious report.

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The American Identity Movement (AIM), a group that was founded to disavow the controversial history of IE, released a statement to address the phony reports running cover for ANTIFA terrorists.

“The unsubstantiated assertion was made without citing any alleged evidence upon which Twitter based such a dubious and inflammatory statement. No effort was made by Twitter to verify its contentions. The issuance of such an unlikely claim without any effort to verify it would be the height of irresponsibility even in normal times,” AIM wrote.

“There appears to be an organized effort by partisan politicians, advocacy journalists, and left-wing activists to shield the rioters who have shaken the nation from coast to coast in recent days by pushing a kooky conspiracy theory that “white supremacists” have infiltrated the rioters and are the “real” source of the arsons and attacks on policemen,” they continued.

“Neither Identity Evropa nor American Identity Movement have advocated, incited, or participated in violence or the fabrication of Antifa Twitter accounts. In addition to moral objections to such behavior, there would be no point in concocting such tweets when social media is replete with Antifa approval, incitement to and participation in such actions,” AIM added.

Journalist Laura Loomer has noted that Twitter has a long history of providing a platform for ANTIFA terrorists and has even called for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be locked up for aiding and abetting and abetting the terror group:

Congressional candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer is calling for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be arrested because of his association with the ANTIFA domestic terrorist group.

“After censoring President Donald Trump’s tweets about violent riots, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put #BlackLivesMatter as the header on the official Twitter Twitter account,” Loomer wrote in a post on the social media platform Parler.

Loomer noted that Dorsey has allowed his platform to be used by ANTIFA members despite the fact that they have egregiously flouted their terms of service by organizing terrorist violence and targeted harassment campaigns. At the same time, Twitter has punished conservative leaders like Loomer with lifetime bans for merely expressing their own opinions in a non-violent manner.

“Jack Dorsey is aiding and abetting terrorist organizations by allowing for ANTIFA terrorists and Islamic terrorists to have access where they are promoting anarchy and lethal riots,” she wrote.

“In the middle of a national emergency, he is also censoring the commander in chief who is posting about the army and national guard responding to the riots,” she added.

Loomer believes that there is a case for Dorsey to be tried with treason for his actions, and the feds should set their sights on him for enabling some of the worst rioting in U.S. history.

“For this, Jack Dorsey should immediately have his home raided by the feds Roger Stone style and be charged with inciting acts of domestic terrorism in America,” she wrote.

“It’s time for Jack Dorsey to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorists and committing TREASON. #LockHimUp,” she added.

Twitter is desperately trying to cover for ANTIFA’s role in the riots so their association with this terrorist organization is not fully understood by the greater public.

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