Vox Nominates Ocasio-Cortez for President, She Declines

Generally, Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accepted all of the media fawning that’s come her way since she won a surprise upset in a primary and subsequently coasted through the general.

But when left-wing Vox’s Matt Yglesias tried to puff her as a 2020 presidential candidate, she hilariously shut him down on Twitter.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should run for president and dare the Supreme Court to stop her, argues ,” said Vox on Twitter.

AOC is apparently too tired for that, having just switched careers from bartender to politician.

“How about… no. Sometimes political media is too fixated on personalities instead of policies. The whole country JUST went through an exhausting midterm election. We need a break. Can we instead talk about healthcare, a living wage, legalizing cannabis, GND, & other issues?” she said in response.

That’s sort of embarrassing for Yglesias, who fawned over her in his piece.

“Not everyone shares her brand of politics, of course, but her constituency has exploded beyond the initial set of ideologues who powered the challenge to Crowley because of her incredible wit, charisma, social media savvy, and basic political smarts,” he said.

Wit? It’s difficult to see where Yglesias came up with that. He is right about one thing, though: her political “smarts” certainly are “basic.”

“In a year when moderate incumbents generally didn’t lose primary challenges from the left and in which Our Revolution endorsees failed to flip a single GOP-held House seat, AOC constantly dominates the conversation — living rent-free in the heads of conservatives, racking up magazine profiles and Twitter followers, engaging supporters on Instagram in a heretofore unprecedented way, and pulling back the curtain on some of the seamier aspects of ‘business as usual’ in the US Congress,” he continued.

This makes total senses – magazine profiles, Twitter followers and Instagram usage are definitely what ordinary Americans are looking for in a presidential candidate. Never mind that AOC can barely elucidate any coherent policy point without tripping over herself.

If the piece weren’t funny enough, AOC’s rejection of it made it that much sweeter. I suspect that she will be receiving an angry text – or perhaps an Instagram direct message – from Yglesias saying something along the lines of “wtf? lol.”

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