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Wal-Mart Shopper Who Asked for Gun to ‘Kill 200 People’ Created a Smollett-Style Media Hoax

The liberal who caused a scare was doing a stunt to prompt gun control.



Earlier today, it was reported that a shopper went into a Wal-Mart in Port St. Lucie, FL and asked a store clerk: “Can you sell me anything (or a gun) that would kill 200 people?”

This caused immediate hysteria, with the fake news using the story to bolster their phony narrative that President Trump is inciting a wave of domestic terror.

Only this turned out to be another hoax, prompted by a liberal activist to gin up headlines that could be used to foment more support for infringements against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

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The new Jussie Smollett is Phil Attey, who took to social media to brag about the stunt he pulled. Attey claims he was making a “political statement” in the efforts to shame Wal-Mart into removing firearms from their storefronts.

“I explained to the Walmart manager, who came up to me afterward, that if they couldn’t guarantee that one of the guns they sell wouldn’t be used for the next mass murder in America (note: this is Port St. Lucie, where Omar Mateen purchased his guns), they shouldn’t be selling them,” Attey explained on his Facebook account.

Further comments by Attey show how the fake news has warped his fragile mind. He claims he “saw a guy who looked like a White Nationalist buying a gun and decided to take a creative stand.”

“Anyone reading this, please wake up. Our system is broken for all of us, and until the people making money off our toxic gun culture are confronted and held accountable, nothing is going to change. Please do something today to take a stand … not just calling your elected officials, but confronting the system itself — the gun manufacturing and gun sales industries,” Attey added.

Even Attey’s friends on social media were eviscerating him for his foolish actions.

“DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: Of course I know Phil was well-intentioned, but there ARE in fact laws against making violent threats, express or implied, and the First Amendment will not necessarily protect you,” Chris Crain wrote.

“Not a good look at all. Especially being vocally supportive of any political campaign in any way. Makes everyone look bad,” added Mic Vachon.

“I’m struggling to understand the logic here. How does asking a clerk if Walmart sells a gun that can kill 200 people make a statement about gun control? Also, if this was meant as a publicity stunt, you’re not controlling the narrative very well. This just makes you look like a potential mass murderer who’s now wanted by the police,” James Millner said.

This extremely unintelligent man’s bizarre hoax proves yet again that liberals will stoop to obscene levels in their quest to destroy the Constitutional liberties of the people.

Big League Guns

National Foundation for Gun Rights Pitched in $50K for Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Defense

They’re stepping up to the plate.



The National Foundation for Gun Rights (NFGR) announced on September 17, 2020 that they are providing $50,000 of aid to Kyle Rittenhouse, who is facing various criminal charges after he defended himself and business owners from leftist agitators in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


 “I spoke with Kyle’s mother this morning to let her know NFGR received over a thousand donations amounting to over $50,000 from folks who support her son,” declared Dudley Brown, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights.


Rittenhouse’s mother was thankful about receiving the donation. She stated, “No words can describe what we’re going through. Thank you so much – and I know Kyle and the rest of the family would say thank you too.”

NFGR’s funds will go towards the Kyle Rittenhouse trust fund that is being operated by his attorney, John Pierce. The funds will only be used according to the desires of Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother.

 “We want Kyle to have the best defense possible,” remarked Brown. “If he were getting a fair shake from prosecutors, he would be home with his family right now instead of spending weeks in a jail without bail.”


According to video footage taken on the night of August 25th, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was fleeing an armed mob who were screaming, “Beat him up!” and “Get that dude!”


 “The left is doing everything in their power to portray a 17-year-old kid as the villain,” stated Brown. “We believe Kyle acted legally and defended himself from a dangerous group of armed thugs whose clear intent was to cause permanent harm.”  


The National Foundation for Gun Rights plans on continuing to back the Rittenhouse family until Kyle is able to receive justice for simply exercising his sacred right to self-defense.


NFGR is the legal arm of the National Association for Gun Rights. Since its founding in 2000, NAGR has been one of the leading no compromise, Second Amendment organizations in the country.


Unlike most organizations, they’re willing to fight all unconstitutional gun control legislation at the federal and state level. Second Amendment supporters can donate to NAGR and NFGR at the links below:

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