WALL OF SPIKES: Trump Releases Design of “Steel Slat” Wall

President Trump tweeted an artist’s conception of a “steel slat” barrier on Friday.

“A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!”

The design featured vertical steel rod-like structures with spikes at the top presenting a hazardous obstacle to anyone who would possibly try to scale the structure with a ladder or other equipment. The implementation of spikes seems to invoke time-tested fortification strategies, as similar mechanisms were featured in the designs of medieval castles.

Drug and human traffickers hoping to exploit the borders of the United States could face impalement should they attempt to scale the wall structure.

A few inches of space appear to exist between each steel piece of wall. A viewpoint through the wall structure would enable Border Patrol Agents and other law enforcement to see through to the other side of the border in order to surveil potential criminal activity.

It appears to be crunch time for securing a first round of wall funding in the Congress, as a package already approving $5.7 billion was passed by the House of Representatives now requires Senate approval.

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