Walmart Embraces Woke Degeneracy by Introducing Pronoun Buttons for Workers

David Marcus of The Federalist reported on corporate giant Walmart’s latest decision to push woke policies in the workplace.

The retailer is now apparently introducing buttons “for workers that proudly display their pronouns.”

Marcus highlighted what these buttons say:

“‘He/Him/His,’ one that says ‘She/Her/Hers,’ one that says ‘They/Them/Theirs,’ and one that says ‘Ask me my pronouns.’”

There is one point that the writer notes that should have us thinking. Many of these corporations have been under pressure from progressives like Bernie Sanders who have called for radical redistributionist schemes. To calm these activists, they try to adopt woke corporate policies.

The writer asked, “Does Walmart really think it can win over these naysayers with trans-glorifying buttons it sells to its employees?”

Marcus continued:

At the heart of the trans issue is the fact that institutions terribly afraid of blowback from activists have taken the path of least resistance and buckled to demands to deny biological sex as the foundation for gender. Why have they done this? Because trans activists and their allies are the squeaky wheel. Those of us who do not believe that men can become women and the other way around don’t threaten boycotts, the other side does.

The key point is that progressives are now able to change culture without going through conventional political means — votes, debates, elections, etc. — and using corporations to push their radical agenda.

This opens up a new front in the culture wars and guarantees that society becomes even more politicized.

The Left knows how to adapt these circumstances, which is why the Right will need to get more active in the corporate front and possibly promote leaders and shareholder actions that keep the radicals at bay.

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