Warzone: Chicago Sees Nearly Five Dozen Shot Over Labor Day Weekend

In what seems to be part of America’s transformation into a Third World Banana Republic, prominent Midwest Third World island Chicago witnessed 58 shooting victims over this past Labor Day Weekend, a number which tragically includes seven children. And out of the five that died from their wounds, one was a four-year-old child. The numbers hereby reported are those from Friday evening to early Monday morning.

According to the Chicago police department, the child, a young boy, was safely in his place of residence in South Ellis Avenue when two stray bullets from a senseless shooting taking place outside his block found their way to his head. The boy was barely clinging to life when he was rushed to the hospital, only to be pronounced dead shortly thereafter. According to The Epoch Times, no one has yet to be brought into custody for murdering the child.

In what seems to be a phenomenon that should be confined to the favelas of Brazil, police officers have apparently expressed sustained lamentation at how suspects of violent crimes are often shielded from the long arm of justice due to the rampant reluctance of local residents to divulge any information that might prove useful in apprehending suspects.

So rampant is violence in Chicago that around a third of Chicago’s historic Black population has left since 1980, a trend that is almost guaranteed to accelerate following this recent uptick in violence after the George Floyd incident. Indeed, BLM-induced episodes of violence have the potential to reverse the dramatic drop in violent crime America has been enjoying since the 1990s.

In fact, in the first six and a half hours of Labor Day morning alone, there were four recorded shootings. Overall, the 58 shooting victims in the Chicago city limits alone were the result of 45 separate shootings, many of which are believed to have been committed by repeat offenders.

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