Washington DC Gears Up for the Possibility of Election Night Violence

Aside from forever being remembered as the year of COVID, 2020 will also be remembered for the sheer amount of politically-motivated violence and criminality in the United States.

There’s no sign that we’ve seen the end of it either. A handful of major cities are starting to prepare for Election Day rioting, most notably our nation’s capital. Washington DC businesses have been boarding up for at least the past couple days:

Philip Melanchthon Wegmann also posted this interactive map that apparently shows “choke points and locations to shut down” on Election Night. It includes a list of “Trump Boosters” and is titled “#ShutDownDC: Defend Democracy.”

I have a couple questions about all this. Did Washington DC police recommend these businesses to board up because they’re aware of planned “protesting”? And would they be boarding up if there were confidence of a Joe Biden victory?

Next Tuesday’s going to be wild, guys. Buckle in.

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