Washington Governor Jay Inslee Wants to Destroy the Second Amendment

During his “State of the State” address in early January, Washington, Governor Jay Inslee put forward his anti-gun agenda for the Evergreen State.

He blamed the “gun lobby” for having “worked for decades against commonsense gun safety measures.” He wants individuals purchasing firearms to have “safety training before they purchase a gun.” Inslee stated, “we must increase accountability among manufacturers and dealers and give families, and victims access to justice when those entities fail to do their duty.”

According to Dave Workman of AmmoLand,Inslee wants to prohibit  so-called “assault weapons,” and demanded legislation to address this. There is already legislation such as House Bill 1180 and its Senate companion, SB 5193, that would prohibit “assault rifles.” 

House Bill 1143 and its Senate companion, SB 5211, would make  training mandatory, implement a 10-day waiting period on all gun purchases, and ban firearms transfers before a background check is completed. 

Such legislative proposals make sense for a state like Washington, which is anti-gun to the core. It’s ranked in 41st place for Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners, so it’s very much anti-gun safe space. 

On top of that, Democrats firmly control both chambers of the Washington state legislature — 58-40 in the State House and  29-20 in the State Senate. So there aren’t many options for pro-gunners in Washington to effect real political change. 

The best courses of action are to go through the courts or nullify statewide gun control by having cities and counties refusing to enforce anti-gun measures. That’s the harsh reality of how to conduct politics in blue states. Gun owners must be cognizant of this if they want any semblance of the right to bear arms to exist in blue states. 

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