Washington Nationals Catcher Dons ‘MAGA’ Hat at White House World Series Celebration

Washington Nationals Catcher and recent World Series champion Kurt Suzuki donned a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat during his team’s celebratory visit to the White House on Monday, sending leftist observers into an outrage and making it clear his team wasn’t entirely partial to the views of a pitcher who declined to participate on political grounds.

It’s a longstanding tradition for champions of baseball’s World Series to visit the White House and receive congratulations from the President. Nationals Closer Sean Doolittle chose to politicize the longstanding neutral tradition by declining to attend, akin to anti-Trump athletes such as the Golden State Warriors who had turned down a visit.

President Trump, a longtime baseball fan who was once scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies as a potential player in high school, appeared genuinely surprised and flattered by the sudden appearance of a ‘MAGA’ hat on Suzuki’s head.

Leftists on Twitter reacted with their usual outrage, taking great offense at the audacity of a World Series champion who chose to wear a pro-American hat at a White House event with the President.


Suzuki rejected attempts from liberal mainstream media operatives to browbeat him after his celebratory audience with the President. The veteran MLB catcher explained that was simply “having some fun,” brushing off the media’s desire to create a political stink over the display.

The Nationals defeated the American League’s Houston Astros in seven games.

Most Nationals players appeared at the White House event, despite the hostility among some of the Nationals fanbase for President Trump. The President was booed by Nationals fans present for Game 6 of the series, most of whom were likely wealthy upper-class people with the ability to afford a ticket to a dramatic World Series game.

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