WATCH Actors In Hollywood Tricked Into Telling the TRUTH

Independent filmmaker Austen Fletcher (Fleccas Talks) has a novel concept: make aspiring actors in Los Angeles go in for a blind audition and have them read conservative-emboldening facts about hot-button progressive issues.

The premise works beautifully. These Los Angelinos in the “La-La Land” orbit are desperate for work, and you can just make out the quiet agony in their faces as they read lines that they no doubt fundamentally disagree with (and facts they don’t want to hear).


Los Angeles, of course, is anti-President Donald Trump Central, though some numbers suggest that California is actually becoming more red-leaning than previously thought. The bias among actors and show business types for Trump — who scored a rare Top Ten network show with NBC’s “The Apprentice” — is overwhelming, but Hollywood’s power is incrementally being reduced. In fact, many people would say that Hollywood types are destroying themselves, not just with sex scandals but with their radical leftism and sneering disregard for basic American values.

Big League Politics exclusively reported: 

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has created a lot of controversy since he chose to run for President. Angry liberals have targeted it time and time again, and even destroyed it with a sledgehammer. On Monday it was destroyed again, but this time instead of being fixed, it is being covered up in order to prepare for the Oscars, which is being hosted next month.

The picture taken by Kurtis Lawrence, shows some sort of stage, or storage area blocking the star. The star cannot be clearly seen due to security blocking the area.


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