WATCH: After 63 Years of Marriage, Man Drops to Knee Proposing to His Wife Again

Talk about true love. Two high school sweethearts have been married for 63 years and plan to renew their vows after the 82 year-old husband dropped to a knee to re-propose.

Married in 1956, Karl and Donna Schwarz have been together through very rough times. Donna suffered multiple health issues “from open heart surgery to strokes and a brain bleed, the 85-year-old has seen her fair share of struggles, all within the course of one year,” according to Liftable.

Their granddaughter Christina Von Schwarz began documenting the elderly couples relationship, posting updates on Twitter that quickly went viral.

According to WFAA, “Karl promised Donna that if she made it through her heart surgery, he would get her a new engagement ring,” and that’s exactly what he did. Von Schwarz helped her grandpa pull off a huge surprise for her grandma.

“She definitely didn’t forget about that ring,” Von Schwarz said. So, the couple headed to JC Penny after she recovered from surgery and Donna was able to pick out the engagement ring she wanted. Right there in JC Penny, Karl hit his knee and asked Donna to marry him again, after being together for 63 years.

Karl told WFAA, “It was great because it’s a gal that I’ve loved all of my life. It was very easy. You know we’ve been together so long that we can’t stay apart really.” Donna said that she loved her new ring, “It’s really beautiful,” she said with a laugh “It’s gorgeous.”

This sweet story is a testament that true love never fades.

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